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Indictment of 13 Russians. Read Case Document filed 02/16/18 by clicking here.

Is diversity always implicated in bullying? Check out Anderson Cooper's Campaign: 
Put an End to Bullying www.facebook.com/mean-stinks - Visit the Mean Stinks Page Now and Help Start a Movement of Nice! 

Child Bullying & Violence
www.parentfurther.com - Support & Practical Steps To Help You With Everyday Parenting Issues. 

Bullying in Schools
www.momshomeroom.msn.com  Is Your Child Being Bullied? Find Resources at Mom's Homeroom. Education Week, www.edweek.org
Education Week is a paper newspaper, providing articles on national and local education issues. Their web site includes their paper articles, as well as links to other national and international stories. 

Native American Sites, www.nativeculture.com/lisamitten/indians.html
This site provides links to Native American sites and is home to the American Indian Library Association Web Page 

National Center for Education Statistics, nces.ed.gov
NCES provides a clearinghouse of data and research on education issues. This is provided through the U.S. Department of Education 

U.S. Department of Education, www.ed.gov 
The U.S. Department of Education site provides links to federal grants, programs, research, and contacts. 


Resource for Teachers on the Ferguson, Missouri Tragedy  pdf