Our work at Northwest Ed is centered around the pursuit of academic excellence via equitable teaching practices and healthy school climates. We work with PreK-12 schools, colleges and universities, and educational communities across the U.S. Fundamentally, we seek to develop a clear implementation plan that connects all diversity and equity work to increased achievement for all students, most importantly those who have been traditionally underserved by our schools.


We frame our equity work in education as a strategic opportunity: How can we leverage what we know about the benefits of diversity in our classrooms? Utilizing current research in the field of anti-bias education, we know how to move schools from having “best intentions” to developing real strategies for transformation and measurable outcomes for success. In particular, we know that schools have to shift from the notion of a “student achievement gap” to framing our collective work as an “expectation” gap.

  •  Conduct workshops and coaching sessions for senior-level administrators

  •  Work with administrative teams to develop best practices

  •  Increase important equity skills such as giving and receiving feedback,

  •  Utilize equity-based classroom observation protocols,

  •  Design measurements to support long-term planning (3-5 years),

  •  Implement a new equity focused teacher evaluation and assessment tool

  •  Offer parent engagement opportunities

  • Designed and facilitated student diversity leadership conferences grades 4-12.